I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1985. I studied at DePaul University in Chicago and the Korea National University of Arts. I received a BA from DePaul University in 2009. I live and work in Gwangju, South Korea and aspire to work in New York one day.


I compulsively drew superheroes on a daily basis in my childhood. I got to show about 300 pages of my drawings, taped to cardboard stands, in my school auditorium in the second grade. My teacher, Mrs. Smith, had nominated me for NBC San Diego's "Bikes for Kids" program, and the drawings made a nice backdrop for the evening news spot. I won first place in a children's art contest with a watercolor of my neighbor around then, too. So I guess I could also paint.


After having lived in the U.S. since I was 18 months old, I moved with my family to South Korea in the summer of '95. So it was in Gwangju when my work from when I was four was exhibited at Songwon Gallery, inside what was then the Songwon Department Store, when I was in sixth grade. The exhibition consisted of my drawings of Batman and Robin my mother had collected and put together into a children's book about my childhood. My classmates in San Diego had loved it. They wanted to know when it was going to be published.


In 2021, I am addressing the climate issue, and the importance of biodiversity, in my art. According to Bill Gates in How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, the world absolutely must achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. He says 2030 is not realistic, but I have not seen the data behind his reasoning, so I will assume perhaps we can shoot for 2030, if I add my art to the effort (wink). I am painting endangered animals with keywords from the climate conversation. Did you know that razing forests adds carbon that was in the soil to the atmosphere? So preserving forests can help with carbon neutrality while saving endangered species.

Artist Resume


2009, B.A. art & art history (fine art concentration), 

          DePaul University in Chicago.

2013, Graduate degree candidacy, art theory,

          Korea National University of Arts.

2013, Summer school at Harvard University.

2014, Summer school at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.



Art museum catalog translator since 2011.


Solo Exhibitions

2020, Han Lee: A Retrospective, Ilgok Gallery.

2015, Impressions of Beijing, 99 Art Museum, Beijing.

2012, Where Text, Images and Humans Mingle,

        Korea National University of Arts Dept. of Art Theory Gallery.

2012, 100 People of 100 Styles Viewed Through the 12 Zodiac AnimalsIlgok Gallery.

2009, Han Lee, Ilgok Gallery.

2008, Han Lee, Seo-Gwangju Korea Post Gallery.


Group Exhibitions

2021, 2021 Korea Arts Promotion Agency Special Exhibition (online,

2019, Adieu 2019!, Gwangju International Center.

2017, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, Gwangju Museum of Art.

2016, Joy+Happiness×Love÷, Gwangju Museum of Art.

2015, Across Cultures, Across the World: Dialogue, Beijing 99 Art.

2011, Young Artists, Dongshin University Culture Museum.

2009, DePaul University Senior Thesis Exhibition, Fulton Street Collective Gallery, Chicago.

2008, A Pine Tree, an Apricot Tree, & Five Willows, Namdo Folk Foods Museum.

2008, Kee Young-Sook, Han Lee, Michael Lee, Ilgok Gallery.


Art Residencies

2021, Miro Art-Making Platform.

2015, 99 Art Museum, Beijing.

2011, Beijing Studio Center.



2019, "The Stained Glass of Choi Young-Shim," Stained Glass, Stained Glass Association of          America, winter 2018-19.

2009, Young-Sook Kee, Han's Halloween (illustrations), Daedong Culture Foundation.

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